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Latonya style

Latonya Style is one of Jamaica's most renowned Dance Instructors with close to two decades of experience in teaching all levels, all ages in various dance genres. Latonya has an undeniable passion for Dancehall and is highly sought after as a Master tutor in this genre. Latonya tours extensively across the globe, spreading the authentic dancehall culture in far away places such as Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.   She has developed a series of over 100 original dance moves, and through these steps, has stamped her signature style on the industry, infusing her classy, sexy, movements, with the unapologetically raw, dancehall ideologies, to create what she calls, her "Stylish Moves". 

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Natalie Murray

I never knew I could be so addicted to something that is so good for me.  A fitness enthusiast  from an early age I started to incorporate the Spinning®️ program into my workout routine after the birth of my second daughter in 2008.  I became a certified Spinning®️ instructor in October 2011 and I am now a STAR level 2 instructor. 

The physical results of Spinning®️ are amazing but the mental impact is just as significant. Being on that bike with uplifting music makes my soul soar.  The bike is my sanctuary, my place where I can shut out the noise and chaos of the world turn inward to a focused and powerful place where the scenery remains the same but the ride changes constantly.  The Spinning®️  program is a true mind body experience!

Come journey with me.

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Shakira Williams

Shakira Williams Bouwer is a Level 1 Authorised Ashtanga Teacher. She first discovered yoga in 1999, while looking for a way to find deep peace and relaxation with her busy work, study and fitness schedules.  In her journey of almost twenty years, she studied a number of different forms of yoga asana practice including Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar and Anusara yoga before finding the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga method. In 2014, she made her third trip to Mysore, India to continue to study with R. Sharath Jois, the grandson of Shri K Pattabhi Jois and director of the K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute and was given his blessing to teach the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga. She continues to make extended study trips to the source of Ashtanga to deepen her understanding of this transformative method.

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    shani Mcgraham-shirley

    Shani started her fitness career as a certified Zumba instructor in 2010, since then she has expanded her fitness portfolio to include pole fit, body sculpting, HIIT, plyometric training and most recently she is the second certified instructor in Jamaica to teach the new fitness program “Strong” by Zumba. She is also the creator of Yahsuh, a Caribbean dance fitness program as well as Director and owner of Yahsuh FitBox where she teaches most of her classes. Shani is no stranger to public light, she was crowned Miss Jamaica Universe 1998, and as a fitness instructor she has done many demos and interviews for various media including newspaper, TV programs and live events.

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    Paige Nash

    Dance fitness is something that Paige is very passionate about. It is a way of life that was ingrained in her from a very young age. Even prior to being a certified Zumba instructor, she has had years of experience with different dance styles and movements from different genres of music. She continuously improves herself and her delivery by studying new dance moves and drawing inspirations from music videos and artistes from around the world. Paige loves being a dance fitness instructor as it allows her to share her passion for both dance and exercise with her clients. 

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      rose tavares-finson

      Rose Tavares-Finson is a Maddogg Star 3 Instructor and has been teaching since 2004.Still inspired and Loving the program after 15 years, she continues to teach and enjoys the freelance schedule in Jamaica as well as Montreal during the summer months.

      Rose also teaches Spectral Journey’s Colorgized Spin and enjoys the Mind Body Movement the fitness industry has incorporated in recent years.

      She continues to fuse balance and well being into her Group Fitness classes and Personal Training sessions (AFFA certified as well) with the inclusion of Yoga poses and Pilates through her training.

      Rose is an avid Boot Camp (studied under Master Trainer SGT Ken Weichert), CrossFit follower and Mixed Martial Arts fan that make her training sessions memorable and worthwile.

      Also certified with RAB (resist a ball)-Rose keeps you motivated with these functional classes that combine all the elements she has mastered over the years.

        Dante Reynolds

        The youngest and newest addition to the Yahsuh FitBox family. Dante is a self driven, determined, fun loving trainer. His motto is, “consistency is KEY”... confidence and consistency equals amazing results. He’s here to facilitate just that.


        He started out simply working out in his room and from that, fell in love with the process, realizing that it doesn’t take much. Once you find your passion, the sky’s the limit; equip yourself with knowledge and lead others to their healthiest selves. 


        When passion meets purpose, you fuel not only your body but your soul. 

          Andro Henry

          Andro is a well seasoned trainer with over 25 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. His experience spans across a myriad of roles and businesses, from being a certified trainer and coordinator in the tourism industry to a manager of a fitness center. 

          His personal philosophy is "Health and Fitness is a state of mind, just live it"

            Zoya Johnson

            Zoya Yaseka Johnson is a model and life coach with With 14 years of experience as an elite level gymnastics coach, and 17 years of experience as a gymnast.

            Zoya has made it her life’s work to use her programming for mindfulness, Prescription For Life ©️, to train coaches and athletes to sustain their highest selves through balance, of the mind, body and soul.

            Her Superhero Check In ©️ has been used by many to establish a new precedent of mindfulness and accountability in the leadership, coaching, mentorship, and parenting worlds alike.


            As the Vice President of International Relations for Jamaica’s Amateur Gymnastics Association Zoya is excited to be cultivating the power of gymnastics in the people of her homeland and eventually the world. She will be leading classes centered in recovery and maintenance  like stretching, foundational strength and balance at FitBox.

              musheer Kamau

              Mush(eer) Kamau

              You get to see another side of “Mush” as he blends his love for music with fun, inspiring spin workouts. He brings his super positive energy into every class, where he pushes the pack to go ride beyond their wildest dreams. With his signature 60-minute workout, get ready to party on the bike to soul-stirring beats that will be sure to lift you up. Mush designs each class to be a journey where you get to discover something new—perhaps a new you? 


              Mush is an economist and classical musician (organ and piano). He is now spin enthusiast. In his “day job,” Mush works in international development to improve the lives of people in Jamaica, the Caribbean, and other parts of the world. He loves bringing people together to form community—reminding us all that there is still joy in this world. He is an active member at Yahsuh. You will see him around in many of your classes.